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7 Awesome Tips About HTC One Accessories From Unlikely Sources

HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case – This is the official case for the HTC One and likewise takes place to be one of the finest. Belkin Ultra Thin Case – As the name would suggest, this case does not
provide as much defense as some other versions however it does offer a really sleek appearance and offers access to all ports on
the phone. HTC One Double Dip Flip Case – This case is perfect for those who like to see TV and films on the go as it props the phone up in landscape mode making use
of a stand. One of the finest locations to discover phone cases such as the ones above for the HTC One is eBay.

HTC EVO 4g accessories –



HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case – This is the official case for the HTC One as well as happens to be among the best. The case comes in three parts – 2
clips that go on the top and bottom of the phone and the main body which goes across the back. Not just does it look terrific it likewise offers security for the screen because the clips are raised.

With the HTC One, among the unique showcases this phone has is the Beats audio system. The world renowned Beats audio systems, supporteded by famous
rapper Dr. Dre, has actually made its way onto the HTC One. Exactly what many individuals do not recognize is when they initially use the
media gamer on the phone, they can change the beats audio settings to attempt and get the best audio for the type of music they are paying attention to; it is an exceptional built-in equalizer which provides wonderful sound quality.

HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case – This is the official case for the HTC One as well as takes place to be among the best. The case can be found in three parts – 2
clips that go on the top and bottom of the phone and the main body which goes across the back. Not just does it look excellent it likewise provides defense for the screen given that the clips are raised.

Where to Get

Beats Audio

Where to Get

HTC One: Formschöner Flachmann mit Full-HD-Display

Belkin Ultra Thin Case – As the name would recommend, this case doesn’t supply as much protection as some other designs but it does provide an extremely streamlined look and admits to all ports on the phone. Matched to those who beware with their phone.

The new design ‘One’ phone has been a big success for HTC. Then you need to find this short article of great usage, if you
possess a HTC One and are looking to get a phone case for it. Below are 5 of the best HTC One phone cases that are offered.

HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case – This is the official case for the HTC One as well as takes place to be among the best. The case can be found in three parts – 2
clips that go on the top and bottom of the phone and the main body which goes across the back. Not just does it look terrific it likewise provides defense for the screen given that the clips are raised.

The brand-new design ‘One’ phone has actually been a huge success for HTC. If you possess a HTC One and are aiming to get a phone case for it then you need
to find this post of great usage. Below are 5 of the very best HTC One phone cases that are offered.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Accessories Expert Interview

Galaxy cases can be found in all sizes and shapes, and they’re made out of a range of materials. The something they do have in common is that they will
shield your phone from bumps and scratches, and that is exactly what makes a smart phone case a must-have accessory for your phone. So after reading this short article, make sure you check your local wholesale Samsung Galaxy devices shop for the ideal selection for your gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S4 active accessories –

Just as we often have to use specific features on your Samsung Galaxy when operating a motor vehicle, such as the GPS, we frequently opt to utilize our phones, regardless of knowing the risks. Nevertheless, there may be a safer, less difficult means for us to
delight in the features our phones, and that is to make use of the Samsung Galaxy car mount.

A slim wallet kind cover made from faux leather, with a rough texture, it provides a good grip of your gadget, while appearing smooth to the touch due to its patterned exterior. It
has cutouts for the camera, speaker and ports, to permit easy gain access to yet sustain complete defense. The
interior is padded with a soft product that protects the surface areas, and specifically the display, from scratches.

This silicone case is really versatile and highlights your SG smart phone. It offers great protection and, at the same time, enables full use of the
phone’s functions, in addition to access to all the ports of the phone, with cutouts.

Difficult Gel Case

This case is made from difficult plastic with a soft, rubber external layer, offering excellent security and a very good grip also. The smooth
surface area lets you easily fit the case in your pocket or take it out from there. The cutouts let you utilize your phone while still keeping it safe.

So it regardless if your vehicle has a dock on your
SG holder or possibly not, you can get your favorite general music and lots of other features of your respective phone while in the area in back of wheel, anxiety complimentary!

As we frequently need to make use of certain functions on this Samsung Galaxy while of those wheel, like GPS, we typically decide to use our phones, in spite of being
aware of the threats. However, there’s a much safer, less stressful method for those to enjoy the functions of our phones, and that’s to utilize the Samsung Galaxy automobile mount.

The most appealing accessory that is getting the focus of the clients is the C-pen. This C-pen resembles the S-pen of Samsung Galaxy Note and is equipped with
virtually very same capabilities. The pen displays the shape of a basic pen with an equivalent diameter.

It possesses rather more than form fitting bundle.

The most appealing accessory that is getting the focus of the customers is the C-pen. This C-pen resembles the S-pen of Samsung Galaxy Note and is equipped with
virtually exact same capabilities. The pen exhibits the shape of an easy pen with an equivalent diameter. It has somewhat more than kind fitting package.

If you like using your phone, you might have considered getting different devices for it, to tailor the way it looks, or
just to make it much easier to use. There are lots of areas where you can discover wholesale Samsung Galaxy accessories, and you can look for
anything you could desire there. Nonetheless, the most essential accessory you must think about getting for your phone is a Samsung GALAXY Case.

Do not put yourself in danger; enjoy your SG capabilities to their fullest while concentrating on the road. So
get now your own Samsung Galaxy Vehicle Mount and, whenever you are using it, search for even more cool, Cheap
Samsung Galaxy Add-on that can continue help make your life even much easier.

The GoPro Accessories Trap

Exactly what makes the GoPro HD Hero such an incredible electronic camera is that it is the first portable perspective electronic camera that includes 1080p hd footage. As outcome, GoPro has controlled the market in regards to video quality, durability, mountability, and customer friendly rate. The highlights that set this camera apart from rivals like Contour HD cameras is it’s high ease of use, high quality video and picture capture, incredibly durable waterproof exoskeleton, and endless mounting abilities.

gopro hero guide

To benefit from all that brand-new processing power, the HD2 has been geared up with a new a glass lens that’s two times as sharp as the previous design. The brand-new user interface has likewise had a full overhaul, making the electronic camera easy to use and gets rid of the requirement for instructions.

Do you like severe sports? Have you always wished to be able to tape them in high-definition but discovered standard cameras large and

inoperable while doing them? If this is case, you’re in luck because a business out of Half Boon Bay, California called GoPro has been dealing with

a new line of wearable and mountable cameras called the GoPro HD Hero2, and they all shoot in 1080p high-definition!

Another terrific feature about the GoPro Electronic camera is the rechargeable 1100mAh lithium-ion battery that comes included. The battery lasts for 2.5 hours of constant recording! It can also be charged to 80 % capacity in simply 2 hours when linkeded into a computer system’s USB port, or in 1 hour when connecteded into a USB suitable wall or car charger.

I’ve had the ability to catch my lifes most adrenaline filled minutes because of my GoPro HD Hero. Looking back on my video footage made it instantly a worthwhile investments. Without a doubt it is among the best cameras i have actually ever had!

Electronic camera lens incorporates 2X Sharper Lens improving image quality.
10 Image per 2nd burst enables users to record fast moving series easily.
Highest quality 1080p footage on the market for wearable customer sport cameras.
Wi-Fi capabilities to manage as much as control 50 GoPro cameras at the same time.
New LCD user interface makes this cameras even more user friendly.

GoPro is the business behind the line of powerfully little cameras that permit you to capture high definition video (1080p). The cameras are much smaller than any hd video camera on the market, they’re little enough to easily fit in the palms of yours hands. Many people state it’s one of the funnest and most innovative technology gizmos on the market. You can catch hours of video in ANY environment; snow, water, with any line of GoPro Cameras.

The Key To A SD Card Reader

sd card reader –

SD cards are excellent at saving all sorts of data files. They are popular memory chips that can be utilized on diverse electronic gadgets such as digital cameras, MP3 players, Computers, iPhones, GPS receivers and so on. SD cards are of various capabilities such as 64MB or lower, 256MB or higher. A few of the current ones have capacities measuring around 4GB and 8GB. There are equally 3 different types of SD cards. They include miniSD, SDHC and micro SD. Their abilities vary. You can utilize them to save files on various type of electronic gadgets.

Among the only disadvantages of the microSDcard is that it does not have a compose protect switch. This implies that microSDcard can not prevent unintended loss of your data. However all other positive elements of the microSD card make it more useful despite this disadvantage.

Perhaps the most typically considered benefit of having extra microsd cards is the capability to store additional media. For some people, that media might be music, while for others it might be movies. It’s even possible to save games and pictures on them. Whatever you wish to establishment, the point is that there is just so much area available on the internal memory cards of a cellular phone, and having external storage can be a great asset.

It is tough to envision how many of our modern-day electronic devices would work without the advantage of micro SD cards. They were first invented circa 2006 to be used in cellular telephones, but it was quickly discovered that cards had a great deal of other uses too.

A 3rd benefit to having an additional microsd card for your smartphone is that it provides you the capability to share your media with your buddies, colleagues, and family. When you have the card and have product to share, just offer the card to pals or household and they can insert the card into their laptop computers through an adaptor, makings it easy to share info and fun.

Nintendo DS storage devices

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to keeping an additional micro sd card on hand, whether for your Samsung Galaxy or for any other smart phone you might be utilizing. Aside from microsd cards, nonetheless, there are other smartphone accessories that are worth thinking about, such as a Galaxy case or an HTC M8 screen protector. These make it simple to keep your phone safe in a world where things can fall and break and wreck your day.


No Garmin GPS Models Comparison would be full without mentioning the Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-inch Bluetooth navigator with nuLink. Obviously, it’s got all the bells and whistles. And it should, considering today it’s going to set you back about $400. But in addition, it’s got nuLink, which offers you real time info about any place you are with a subscription.

micro sd –

Garmin’s nuvi 755T presently sells for simply under $200. It has a ton of wonderful features, like a large screen, text-to-speech (really says the names of the streets you’re to switch on), and has FM transmission capability. One point that I really like are the “where am I”, “where is my vehicle” features. With one tap on the display you can activate this function, which lets you see where you are in relationship to the world around you. Also, when it’s eliminated from the mount on the automobile, it marks that position. This lets it remember where the vehicle was so that it can reveal you later on. If you have actually ever lost your automobile in a large parking garage, I make sure you can see the advantages of this.

You should now have the details you need to make a smart decision about how to add traffic ability to your Garmin traffic GPS.

SD Micro

Garmin has several spending plan versions around $100. Let’s take the nuvi 205W, for instance. Not just does the nuvi 205W have the wider display, but it’s got a host of renovations over Garmin’s nuvi 200 series as well. For example, Garmin now has a predictive technology, which leads to the device acknowledging where it is faster and locking into the satellites quicker. What this basically indicates is the gadget will start working quicker once you turn it on.

On all current Garmin systems, you can mention to if the GPS has FM traffic included in the purchase cost if the version number has the letter “T” in the last character position. Example: Garmin Nuvi 1490T.

Garmin GPS Models Comparison: Mid-Range Models

If you purchased an FM Traffic suitable device without the FM receiver (and associated subscription to the traffic service), you will have to do some study if you want to include the traffic service to your GPS.

So, we’ve covered 3 agent versions in this Garmin GPS models contrast.

You require a Garmin GPS designs contrast if you want to purchase the right system for your demands and budget. Although all Garmin products are understood for their quality, the prices vary from less than $100 to over $300 for an automobile GPS system. That’s a huge difference. Not everybody needs the greater final result, either. For many people, the lower priced designs will be enough just great. In this Garmin GPS Models Comparison, we’ll have a look at three Gamin nuvi versions from the lower, middle, and higher varieties.

The Insider Secret on

A Micro SD card’s speed is determined by how rapidly details can be read from, or written to, the card. It can keep greater definition of videos, greater resolution of images and you do not have to stress over losing your precious information. In applications that require continual write throughput, such as video recording, the gadget might not carry out adequately if the card’s class rating falls below a certain speed.

32 gb micro sd card –

The 32GB MicroSD card is the most significant one readily available and when looking around for one, you should understand that there are different kinds readily available. Each of these kinds have their advantages and downsides, and it is very important to inspect to see if which one works finest in your device. The sorts of MicroSD cards available are all based off of speed. There are Course 2, Training 4, Class 6 and Course 10 cards. These speed trainings really identify how rapidly data is moved to the card. So if you have a cellphone that takes HD video, then it would make good sense to get a card with a faster Class rating. The reason for this is that a slow-moving card would not be able to compose the video quickly enough and this could result in a video with choppy quality and even one that is corrupted.


Action 3 – Recover the lost files.
Once you’re through with the installation, you merely get your SD card connected to your computer system. You can insert it into your system’s card reader. Once connected, you need to launch the card recuperation software and then go ahead to open the memory card. The program will initialize a full scan focuseded on recovering the lost files. At the end of the scan, the lost files will be shown. You’ll then go ahead to conserve them in a new folder on your system’s hard drive.

microSD flash memory card – PDAs

Action 1 – Download Good File Recovery Software application.
You don’t should search all day when trying to find such software application. There are a number of online software application dealers that market all type of card recovery programs online. You need to choose an excellent program that has free trial variation. You can easily use the complimentary trial variation to find out more about the software application before you choose the fuller version.

These are the ratings of all presently readily available cards:

Compliance with a higher speed score is an assurance that the card restricts its use of the “busy” indicator.

Unanswered Questions Into Samsung Galaxy Accessories Revealed

It appears that each month a new accessory or brand-new device is presented to the world. It can be tough to stay up to date with the latest innovation has to provide. By the time we find out to use one item something has actually come along and taken its location.

best samsung galaxy note accessories

a. HTC One: HTC was one of the first handset makers to introduce their flagship model, which is referred to as HTC One. It is probably among the best looking smartphones in this classification of top designs, as it sports a metallic body and a basic hardware user interface. The screen-size is 4.7 inch with a resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. One of the very best features of this phone is that it has the highly well-known Beats audio system, which makes it the very best choice for music enthusiasts. On the other hand, HTC One uses its home-grown “ultra-pixel” innovation for the primary cam. The device presently works on Android Jellybean 4.2 variation, which is arranged to be updated to 4.3 in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus

Apart from sharing technological properties with Open Handset Alliance members, Google introduced its own line of products, called the Nexus series. These devices bring the stock operating system without any added customization done at the producer end. In addition, Google acquired Motorola Mobilty, which allowed them to make a completely home-grown mobile device.

Your smart phones, iPads, tablets, and gadgets are more fun if you buy mobile accessories to personalize them. You can purchase bring cases in almost every color and every kind of print known to man to place these devices in. You can likewise get items referred to as “skins” that you put on your gadget so that it looks different. Then your gadget will not be confused with those belonging to your family and friends.

Nevertheless, Android did not begin as an operating system for smart phones when the idea was developed by Andrew Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears and Rich Miner. The initial concept was to develop a smart operating system to handle digital video cameras. Midway with the development, it was realized that the marketplace for such a system was inadequate, which is why all the efforts were redirected to creating a mobile operating system. At that time, the marketplace was dominated by Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile running systems, none of which were open-source or open to development from specific app developers.

Life, Death and dentist san jose

Care for your dental health advertisement flaunt a lovely smile.

best san jose dentist sj

An additional method that dental practitioners play a role in helping you preserve your oral hygiene is with regular cleanings.

He should have the ability to examine, chart, identify and offer referrals for the treatments of your dental issues. He should likewise take an x-ray, which is needed for a correct examination of anterior and posterior teeth, to determine if there is any dental cavity. You have to select one professional only if he is a professional in supplying therapy for all dental issues, be it doing root canal, filling for your teeth, teeth bleaching or provide a new smile with veneers and crowns; if you have the habit of grinding your teeth in the evening, you can put on a mouth guard, which is available in both soft and difficult material. The mouth guard will assist in minimizing signs such as jaw, neck and back pain. These symptoms, you will likewise be spared from severe headache and hazy vision.

If your household dentist has actually relocated or you have actually shifted to a brand-new place, you will require to find a brand-new dental professional for yourself and your household. Since you have actually checked out a dental specialist, you know that to maintain oral hygiene you require a professional and skilled professional.

You probably do much better than a lot of if you are actually conscious about exactly how you brush, floss, and make use of mouth wash. Tartar and plaque can trap and grow germs which can eat away at your teeth and cause gum condition. By checking out with your dental health care expert you can guarantee that the unwanted is gone and you have truly healthy teeth.

You have to try to find dental practitioners who will accommodate your demands and be patient to serve you.

The Pain of GoPro Hero

However getting a GoPro Camera is not all there is to being effectively able to record the action– you likewise have to see to it that you use it properly and that you understand ways to get the very best out of it. Below we will look at ways to get the most from your GoPro cam.

This URL

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the GoPro HD camera is the outstanding quality of videos it produces. With the capability to capture complete 1080p HD activity videos or 5MP still photos at varying periods, the GoPro HD camera regularly produces the highest video quality amongst all of the HD cams on the market today. If you are wanting to develop the crispest videos possible of your severe sports adventures, you will absolutely want to make use of a GoPro HD cam.

If you are looking for the best method to record all of the action when participating in outdoor sports, consider utilizing a GoPro HD camera. Include in the ability to mount the camera on your bike, kayak, surf board, or helmet, and you can shoot videos in a range of positions no matter what action sport you are participating in.

Edit: Your photos will look outstanding if they are handled a GoPro HD camera. You can still touch them up and the exact same goes for your videos. Use software such as Windows Film Maker and Paint Shop Pro and you can this way make them look even more action packed with lens flares, activity blurs and focus modifications.

Some of them have gone to the extent of

catching remarkable live

moments utilizing a Go Pro cam

and marketing the videos online. This high definition cam is capable of doing so clearly.

Water Proof Camera Review: GoPro Hero Waterproof Digital …

The cam is little compared to various other

brands. It is capable of

recording live activity moments, which are unsurpassable. There

are lots of customer testimonials, which can be

discovered in the company’s website. Some people may think that the testimonials are incorrect. The numerous

personal videos taken by the clients verify


A Guide To Carpet Cleaning Honolulu

carpet cleaning Oahu

What technique of cleaning do you make use of and exactly what kind of devices? Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the most preferred technique.
Are you licensed? Exactly what accreditations do you have?
Do you assure your work?
How rapidly will the carpets be dry?
Can you reapply the stain protection?
How long have you beened around? The answer can talk volumes about a company’s reputation and experience.
Does the business have references for you to call?
Are they a member of the neighborhood Chamber of Commerce or other expert organizations? A company that is involved in the neighborhood is normally worried about their image and wants happy clients.

Right here are a few concerns to ask.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta – Organic Carpet Cleaning …

The right company for animal spots and carpet cleaning will have a group of professionals to assist all pet owners take care of their pets and keep their houses smelling fresh all the time. Their solutions for carpet cleaning will be natural, which will neither cause wellness damage to the pets, members of the family, the carpetings nor the environment. They would utilize natural, non-toxic, chemical free hypo allergic animal stain getting rid of and carpet cleaning options to make certain your animals stay healthy therefore do the member of the family.

The right company for animal stains and bed mattress or carpet cleaning will consist of qualified and experienced individuals, company utilizing the highest quality equipment and items, and where the workers are bonded and insured.

Pets resemble our relative. However when they cause unbearable messes around the house, the smells can remain in carpetings forever unless you get to the source. Animal stain removal and carpet cleaning is something that all pet owners should deal with at one time or an additional.

The right business for pet spots and carpet or bed mattress cleaning will first of all identify different infected zones then take care of every one of them individually.

To conserve yourself from all the hassles and problems of cleaning your home carpeting why not employ a budget plan carpet cleaning company to do the task for you? With

budget plan carpet cleaning business, you save cash and at the same time you are complimentary of fears on exactly how to keep your carpet clean and appealing. Like for example if the carpet is stained, they have the right cleaning element to get rid of the stain without destroying the carpet.

Best Lawyer in San Jose CA

lawyer referral service –

The next step in the procedure is to find in touch with the possible candidates. You need to call each of the candidates on you list and ask them questions that you have actually already prepared. It is essential to be organized when you call the lawyers. Once you hear what the lawyers need to say then you will have the ability to make your final decision. By the end of the procedure you will have a great lawyer if you follow the actions.

It is an excellent concept to have at least three lawyers on your list of possible candidates. If you have at least 3 lawyers on your list then you will have lawyers to fall back on if you experience problem.

If you are suggesting a civil suit against a huge corporation, you can count on requiring a lawyer. Malfunctioning items and injury fits are raised against these business regularly, and because of that it is the responsibility of themselves and their legal personnel to make sure you do not gather any damages, regardless of who is responsible. What this merely indicates is you require an attorney, and by getting one, everything is completely looked after, and the likelihood of having a happy ending boosts tremendously.

The next thing that you need to do in order to discover a wonderful lawyer is to talk with your associates, pals and family members. It is a wonderful idea to keep a list of potential candidates and it is likewise a wonderful concept to keep a list of bad lawyers. If you do not receive any terrific suggestions from your coworkers, friends or household members do not panic there are other methods that can be used to discover a fantastic lawyer.

The 3rd thing that you need to do if you wish to locate a wonderful lawyer is to search the net and phone books. These can be extremely beneficial sources of information.

Top Hawaii carpet cleaning company

All of this soil acts like tiny insects, slicing into the protector, exposing and damaging the fine fibers. Now exposed, spills and soil can enter deep into the heart of your carpet. It can also expose the fibers to the probability of permanent staining eventually leading carpets to wear out. This causes your carpet to become lighter and worn faster.

This Blog

And nonetheless you will find plenty of folks, no doubt, who will vacuum their carpetings daily and nonetheless barely ever touch their upholstery with any type of cleaning product. Now if the carpeting is clean then there is no issue in doing that, however if it truly is unclean then the object, and our hands, might have selected a number of it up.

It’s a vital part of any kind of cleaning to finish proper Carpet Cleaning. Need to you only have time to clean one prior to you prepare a meal then it’s not the carpeting you ought to be cleaning, particularly as it would be truly uncommon to have a carpeting within the kitchen anyhow.

Carpet cleaning Honolulu advises that despite the fact that normal vacuuming can remove dry soil and obvious particles from your carpeting, it leaves behind oily soils and tiny particles that are produced from cooking vapors, pets, and dirt tracked in from outside the home. Hiring carpet cleaning pros will not only clean and revitalize your carpet, but also provide you and your family a happy & healthy environment. Your home vacuum is not strong enough to thoroughly clean your home or workplace carpet.

From the carpet factory, fibers are fresh, new and protected, but with dirty carpet fibers, your carpets are under attack by soil, pollen and mites. After a while, foot traffic on your carpet causes soil to become compacted and stuck in your carpet’s fibers. You cannot see the dirty particles in the fibers, but under a microscope, soil is revealed to be an abrasive with sharp, jagged edges.

Carpet Protection: It is a Must!

Even if your carpets still feel clean, they almost certainly contain hidden dirt which may affect the color and home or workplace environment. For complete restoration or schedule maintenance, get your carpet cleaning done by professional carpet cleaners using the up-to-date revolutionary systems.

Guidelines to basic electrical work

search for a reputable towing company

Tires get worn down by rubbing and must be frequently replaced and preserved. A slit here can be harmful due to the fact that it can cause mishaps or leave you stuck on the road. Tires need to be effectively inflated constantly as this will help you stop securely when brakes are applied.

towing in san jose –

So, to stay clear of these situations it will be better if you understand some good and trusted San Jose, CA towing companies.

Take suggestions from your buddies and trusted circle and pick the very best San Jose towing

company to be called at the moment of demand.

A regrettable accident– None people want to

admit, but it occurs.

Per mile rate– Simply ask the company about their

rates and see if you find it sensible or not.
Payment approaches– Ask them if you can pay through

card or they take money only and see which method matches

you finest.
Equipment– Talk with them about the equipment

they utilize, see if they make use of

most recent tools to tow your automobile or they stick with older

An encouraging mechanic– if the towing company you are

speaking with offers you a mechanic with their tow

truck then it is good due to the fact that then there are chances that your issue will be fixed at the

website only.

Vision Vancouver politicians promise more money for Killarney …

Mayor Gregor Robertson will introduce a motion at the Tuesday (January 21) council meeting to allocate an additional $1.2 million in city funds to build a new Killarney seniors centre.

That’s on top of previous commitments of $2.5 million and free land from the city, $1.3 million from the province, and $2.5 million from the federal government.

The motion is not on the city website, but its existence was revealed in a statement to the media. The mayor’s office referred all questions to Coun. Raymond Louie.

Louie told the Straight by phone that he has “high confidence” that there will be at least a $1.2-million surplus in this year’s operating budget, which can be reallocated to cover the capital costs of the new centre.

“The goal is to build a 10,000-square-foot [centre], including a kitchen and elevator, but working within the framework of the monies available,” Louie said. “Currently, we have $7.5 million available if this motion passes through council.”

It comes four days after NPA commissioner Melissa De Genova questioned why the city wasn’t able to come up with the money for a seniors centre when it uses community-amenity contributions to fund other projects.

Last year, De Genova introduced a motion at the Vancouver park board calling on the city to use CACs, but Vision Vancouver politicians have refused to do this.

“It’s inappropriate for it to be coming out of another community—to be pulled out of their allocation—to fund this,” Louie said.

De Genova’s motion last year also suggested that a 10,000-square foot Killarney seniors centre with an elevator and full kitchen will cost $10 million.

Louie called that a “made-up figure” that city staff have never confirmed.

The initial $7.5-million estimate was created in 2011.

“It’s important for us to re-evaluate the exact costs of what a facility would cost today and update those figures,” Louie said. “We may be able to find enough efficiencies through design to build all of it.”

The federal government mentioned in a January 7 news release that it had committed $2.5 million for a “new 10,000-square-foot facility”.

Louie didn’t discount the possibility of the provincial government or private funders coming forward with more money.

When asked if the city could generate funds through the sale of naming rights on the building, he said that coucil is guided by a 2006 policy.

It permits individual naming rights over new park-board or social-services facilities, as well as individual renaming, individual naming of interior and exterior facility components.

Corporate naming rights are not allowed on new park-board or social-service facilities, but they can be attached to interior facility components.

Corporate naming rights are allowed, however, on new community sport facilities.


Valentine dance to raise money for festival

Valentine dance to raise money for festival

The Paragon Homecoming Festival Committee is hosting a Valentine dance from 6 to 10 p.m. Feb. 8 at New Life Christian Church, 2450 S. Guy Road, Paragon. Cost is $12 per couple, or $6 for one person. The party is for those 15 and older. “Ole Country Cousins” will perform. Proceeds from the dance will go toward the Paragon Homecoming Festival. 

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Choose an online service.

Current print subscribers

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Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Christie top lieutenants said Sandy …

The mayor of Hoboken accused a pair of top Gov. Chris Christie lieutenants of a “Sopranos”-style shakedown, denying the city hurricane aid over a delayed redevelopment plan.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer said New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and a second official warned her that millions in Hurricane Sandy relief for her city were tied to the approval of the Rockefeller Group’s proposal.

In classic Jersey style, the blunt conversation with former prosecutor Guadagno occurred on May 13 in the parking lot of a Hoboken ShopRite, Zimmer told MSNBC in a Saturday interview.

Guadagno “pulled me aside … and she said, ‘I know it’s not right, I know these things should not be connected, but they are. And if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it,’ ” Zimmer recalled.


Two of Governor Chris Christie’s people pressured Zimmer into approving a redevelopment plan with the promise of Hurricane Sandy relief funds, she says.


Two of Governor Chris Christie’s people pressured Zimmer into approving a redevelopment plan with the promise of Hurricane Sandy relief funds, she says.

“I mean,” Zimmer added, “the bottom line is it’s not fair for the governor to hold Sandy funds hostage for the City of Hoboken because he wants me to give back to one private developer.”

The Manhattan-based Rockefeller Group, a global real estate business, boasts close ties to Christie.

Zimmer, 45, the mother of two sons, kept a diary detailing the disturbing meetings held just four days apart. In one excerpt cited by MSNBC, she expressed her disgust with the Republican governor, who is weighing a 2016 presidential run.

“I was emotional about Gov. Christie,” she wrote. “I thought he was honest. I thought he was moral. I thought he was something different. This week I found out he’s cut from the same corrupt cloth that I have been fighting for the last four years.”

The alleged refusal to assist the waterlogged city on the banks of the Hudson River came as the governor was starring in a $25 million ad campaign touting New Jersey’s hurricane comeback.


The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is near the mouth of the Holland Tunnel.

Claus Guglberger

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is near the mouth of the Holland Tunnel.

Christie, Community Affairs Commissioner Richard Constable and the Rockefeller Group all issued statements denying the allegations. Zimmer said Constable delivered the second threat from Trenton.

“Mayor Zimmer has been effusive in her public praise of the governor’s office and the assistance we’ve provided in terms of economic development and Sandy aid,” said Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak. “What or who is driving her now to say such outlandishly false things is anyone’s guess.”

Zimmer said Hoboken, which was seriously flooded by the 2012 hurricane, requested $127 million in Sandy funds — and received a total of $342,000. Hoboken suffered an estimated $100 million in private property damage, and an additional $10 million in public property destruction.

“There is a growing chorus of public officials speaking out against New Jersey’s bully-in-chief,” said Democratic National Committe spokesman Moe Elleithee.

Zimmer’s allegations come after Christie’s presidential chances were slammed by revelations that one of his aides ordered a punitive shutdown of lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge. Members of the two state legislative panels investigating Bridgegate immediately said the Zimmer charges deserved the same scrutiny.


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer chats with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie before a joint press conference on Nov. 4, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer chats with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie before a joint press conference on Nov. 4, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

“The allegations discussed today by Mayor Zimmer are serious and yet again raise concern about abuse of government power,” said Assembly Investigation Committee Chairman John Wisniewski.

New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, a Bergen County Democrat and chairwoman of the Senate Investigation Committee, said her panel was just as interested. “We have a respected mayor with diary entries and obviously what seems like an agonizing decision to come forward,” she said. “Then we have a denial from the administration. This is another in a long line of issues that the investigating committees are going to have to sort out.”

Christie, 51, was in Orlando, Fla., for a private Saturday fund-raiser. He drove past reporters without taking questions.

Zimmer became mayor in 2009 after her predecessor resigned in a corruption scandal unearthed by former federal prosecutor Christie.

The Rockefeller Group, hoping to develop a 3-acre parcel, hired former Christie cabinet officer Lori Grifa as a lobbyist. And the group’s law firm is Wolff & Samson — the home of Port Authority Chairman David Samson, who was handpicked for the position by Christie.


Zimmer says she thought Christie was honest. The Hoboken mayor later had a shakedown from Christie lieutenants that seemed inspired by 'The Sopranos' (pictured).


Zimmer says she thought Christie was honest. The Hoboken mayor later had a shakedown from Christie lieutenants that seemed inspired by ‘The Sopranos’ (pictured).

Samson was among the members of the Christie inner circle issued subpoenas last week by an Assembly panel probing Bridgegate. The Daily News reported that Samson is likely to step down in the next month.

While Bridgegate focused on Fort Lee and the GWB, this possible scandal involved the city near the Holland Tunnel’s mouth.

The Rockefeller Group hoped to press forward with its lucrative development plan for a three-block stretch of north Hoboken. The commercial development was initially planned with a 40-story office tower — making it the tallest building in town.

Four days after the Guadagno meeting, Zimmer said, she received a similar warning from Constable. The two were together for a public TV program on Sandy recovery when Constable linked her support of the Rockefeller Group project to recovery funds, Zimmer said.

“The buzz is that you are against (redevelopment),” she quoted Constable as telling her. “If you move that forward, the money would start flowing to you.”

Zimmer, in her MSNBC appearance, said she had no plans to back off her charges now that she’s gone public.

“I’d be more than willing to testify under oath, and answer any questions and provide any documents, take a lie detector test,” she said. “And you know, my question back to all of them is, ‘Would all of you?’ ”


Pot shop ban; following money and electoral politics of transit …

Happy weekend, Tigard and Tualatin residents (and the folks interested in what’s going on)

Here’s your weekly roundup of news:

Transit Measure
The Oregonian prepared a package of stories on the campaign finance and electoral strategies of the upcoming Tigard measure that would make high-capacity transit projects subject to voter approval:

An overview of the battle, and the full ballot measure in its entirety.

A who’s who of the measure opponents, including elected officials, transportation groups and funding from a union and light rail-linked project management firm Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc

Voter arguments: The Oregonian uploaded all 17 voter pamphlet arguments for reader review.

The money: A breakdown of all reported spending on campaign contributions and for voter pamphlet arguments.

Government News
Recreational marijuana: Tualatin councilors are looking to ban recreational pot shops before they can become legalized in Oregon, while also pursuing tough restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Seneca Street: Tualatin’s council held off on deciding whether to extend Seneca Street into the upcoming Nyberg Rivers shopping center and destroy its own building.

Manager Pay: Tigard’s city manager Marty Wine received a $10,000 pay raise, reversing a voluntary pay cut she took during budget cuts.

Grants: Nonprofits are eligible for funding under Tigard’s social service and community events grant program.

Public Art: Tigard councilors approved a downtown Tigard public art project featuring pink petals, instead of genitalia-resembling nuts, the Tigard-Tualatin Times reported.

School news:
Tualatin Elementary: The federal government named the school one of Oregon’s two distinguished Title I schools, recognizing success with low-income students.

Kindergarten: A Tigard-Tualatin administrator who oversees the online academy will oversee the implementation of free full-day kindergarten throughout Oregon.

Basketball: Tigard beat Tualatin 46-38 in girls basketball, vaulting into first place in the Class 6A Pacific Conference.

Fowler: Firefighters tried 150 eight graders at Fowler Middle School how to perform hands-only CPR, the Tigard-Tualatin Times reported.

Public safety news:
Bank Robber: A Portland man convicted of a bank robbery in Tigard was sentenced to 22 years.

Christmas tree fire: A flaming Christmas Tree in the Tigard-area left more than $25,000 in damages.

–Fenit Nirappil: 503-294-4029;

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter at @TigTuReporter for Tigard and Tualatin news.

The Oregonian publishes Tigard and Tualatin news online first and News also appears in The Oregonian and the Wednesday Southwest Community News section


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The NFL: Big Business With Big Tax Breaks

The administrative branch of the National Football League is tax-exempt, and many wealthy team owners can get generous subsidies from local governments for stadiums. Critics argue the public money could be better spent elsewhere. But can you put a price on the love of the game?

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Donors Pitch In To Protect Detroit’s Art And Pensions

Under a deal mediated by a federal bankruptcy judge, a group of local and national foundations this week pledged more than $330 million to help Detroit’s pension fund and protect the city’s valuable art collection. Bio-chemical entrepreneur Paul Schaap is one of the donors; he speaks with NPR’s Lynn Neary about the effort.

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Supreme Court To Decide If Warrant Needed To Search Cellphone

The U.S. Supreme Court is delving into the technology versus privacy debate, agreeing to hear two cases that test whether police making an arrest may search cellphones without a warrant. A decision is expected this year.

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Chemical Company In West Virginia Water Crisis Files For Bankruptcy

Freedom Industries has been blamed for a chemical spill that left around 300,000 people without water for days. Last week, a chemical the company uses in cleaning coal leaked into the Elk River and into the public water system.

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In The Long Wait For Aid From Washington, Job Hunters Despair

After failing to agree upon an extension for federal jobless benefits to the long-term unemployed, Congress is vowing to keep trying. The help can’t come soon enough for many of the 1.4 million unemployed who saw their checks suddenly cut off last month.

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Week That Was: Smart Fridge Hack, Net Neutrality And The NSA

Your weekly roundup of tech headlines from NPR and publications around the country, including more credit card security breaches and the latest developments with the “Internet of Things.” We asked what was in the hacked fridge, but — spoiler alert (pun intended) — we didn’t find out.

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Analysts: Credit Card Hacking Goes Much Further Than Target

Retail analysts say more data breaches like the hits on Target and Neiman Marcus are coming. A new report details how hackers “with ties to the former Soviet Union” stay ahead with “innovation and a high degree of skill.”

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White House Makes College For Low-Income Students A Priority

President Obama met on Thursday with over 140 college presidents from across the nation to discuss ways of helping lower-income students enroll in college. Tuition costs, student-loan debt and admissions policies were on the agenda.

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Obama Expected To Say NSA Should Not Hold ‘Metadata’

One change that privacy advocates have been pushing for is that the NSA no longer store the records from millions of phone calls — including those of Americans. Officials are telling Reuters and NPR that the president will endorse the idea of having a third party, not the NSA, hold that data.

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Hackers? Techies? What To Call San Francisco’s Newcomers

Linguist Geoff Nunberg lives in the Mission and says young tech employees have been pouring into the neighborhood. But what to call these new residents? He says the term “techie” used to suggest a computer whiz with no social skills; now it suggests one with no social conscience.

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The Birth Of The Minimum Wage In America

For decades, the Supreme Court ruled that laws regulating things like wages and working conditions were unconstitutional. That changed during the Great Depression, when one of the justices switched sides, paving the way for the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Colombia Aims To Improve Its Embattled Mining Industry

Alabama-based Drummond Co. has been fined $3.6 million in Colombia for polluting beaches and dumping coal into the ocean. Drummond reflects the wider dilemma facing the Colombian government when it comes to mining. It is promoting foreign investment but environmental controls are lax, leading to contaminated rivers, mercury poisoning and deforestation.

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‘Omaha’ Businesses Back Peyton Manning’s Foundation

Omaha is more than a city in Nebraska, it’s also a signal that Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning called out repeatedly last weekend during a playoff game. Some Omaha companies will donate $500 to Manning’s foundation every time he shoults out Omaha this weekend.

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DirecTV: Customers Balked At Weather Channel’s Realtiy Shows

The Weather Channel and DirecTV are in a contract dispute. At midnight on Monday, DirecTV dropped the Weather Channel and replaced it with a smaller producer of weather programming. The move raises the question: How much weather information do TV viewers need when they can get it from other sources?

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Catalonia Pushes For Independence From Spain

Lawmakers in the Spanish province of Catalonia have voted overwhelmingly in favor of holding a November referendum on independence from Spain. Madrid says it won’t allow that to happen but it’s unclear if it can stop the vote from taking place.

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Smart Contact Lens Might One Day Let Diabetics Check Blood Sugar

The latest project from Google X is a smart contact lens, a tiny flexible computer capable of monitoring glucose levels in tears. Researchers at Google are hopeful that one day this technology might be used to help diabetes patients better control their disease.

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ln A Global Economy, Why’s It So Expensive To Transfer My Money?

NPR’s Ari Shapiro, who recently arrived in London, reports that all the wonders of modern technology have somehow not managed to reduce the time or the maddeningly high costs of transferring money across national borders.

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First Union Vote At An Amazon Warehouse In The U.S. Fails

Employees at an facility in Delaware have decided against forming a labor union. The company is openly opposed to unions and has successfully fought previous efforts to unionize here, but the attempts have never before gotten as far as an employee vote.

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Book Chronicles The Building Of Roger Ailes’ Fox News Empire

Gabriel Sherman traces the beginning of Fox News’ success back to its wall-to-wall coverage of Monica Lewinsky. He says, “Ratings during the Lewinsky scandal exploded more than 400 percent, so you saw instantly that there was a market for this type of … television.” Sherman’s book is called The Loudest Voice In The Room.

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New Hope In Southeastern Kentucky ‘Promise Zone’

President Obama recently named the first five “Promise Zones.” They’re high-poverty areas targeted for economic revitalization. Host Michel Martin learns about the Kentucky Highlands Promise Zone from Jerry Rickett, head of the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation.

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Detroit Touts Clean, Efficient Diesels, But America Isn’t Sold

Hybrids and battery-powered cars are all the rage, but some car companies are investing in an older technology: diesel. The newest vehicles are cleaner and more powerful, and some drivers report getting up to 50 mpg. So what’s keeping U.S. customers from switching pumps?

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Sometimes A Perfect Stranger Is The Best Dinner Host

A new food trend gaining popularity in New York and other cities allows diners to enjoy fine meals inside someone else’s home. But the food is often just an excuse for what can essentially be a really great party with a bunch of people you’ve never met.

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Retailers May Use Video Cameras To Track Shoppers

Security tech company 3VR has unveiled an in-store video camera that allegedly uses facial recognition to gauge your age, gender and mood. Retailers could use real-time information to customize digital signs — just as you are passing.

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Concerns Raised Over Banks’ Commodities Holdings

Regulators are scrutinizing big banks which control commodities like aluminum and oil. The Federal Reserve is considering restricting their ability to trade and warehouse physical commodities. But Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee suggested the Fed isn’t moving fast enough on rules to prevent banks from exploiting their holdings at the expense of the public.

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GM Shareholders To Receive Dividends Again

General Motors announced this week that for the first time in nearly six years it will begin to pay cash dividends to its shareholders. GM stopped paying out dividends in 2008 as it struggled to save money through the recession, bankruptcy and a government bailout.

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How Perverse Incentives Drive Up Health Care Costs

Medical treatment in the emergency room is expensive, but there’s a perverse incentive at work which encourages EMS workers to send more people there. Medicare reimburses for 911 calls only if the patient is transported to the ER. A pilot program at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City tries to keep patients from coming back to the ER.

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Jobs Pitchman Takes Labor Department’s Show On the Road

Raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits and attacking income inequality are all on the Obama administration’s domestic agenda. And they all fall under the purview of Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who has only been on the job since July.

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Boeing Machinists’ Plight Marks Changing Times For Labor

The push by Boeing to wring concessions from its unionized workers — including the loss of pensions — echoes what’s happened at other big manufacturers and demonstrates the state of organized labor across the country.

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After Checking Blood Pressure, Kiosks Give Sales Leads To Insurers

People like the convenience of checking their blood pressure at free machines in pharmacies and supermarkets. But at least one company is selling the contact information of people who use its machines to health insurers seeking new customers.

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German Farmers Fear For Europe’s Bacon With U.S. Trade Deal

German farmers protested Wednesday against a free trade deal with the U.S. that could lift restrictions on American meat sold in Europe. The farmers say they are worried not just about poor quality meat, but unfair competition.

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Regions Bank To Discontinue Payday Loan Program

Deposit advances are small, costly loans that bank customers take out between paychecks, and pay back automatically when a scheduled direct deposit comes through. Federal bank regulators cracked down on the products in December.

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Fed Vice Chairman Nominee Taught Bernanke And Many Others

President Obama has nominated Stanley Fischer to be vice chairman of the Federal Reserve. Fischer trained outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and he spent much of the last decade running Israel’s central bank. If confirmed, Fischer would take over the position being vacated by Janet Yellen, who was recently confirmed as Bernanke’s successor.

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Obama Unveils New Plans To Encourage Manufacturing Jobs

Touting a rebound in manufacturing jobs, President Obama announced a public-private partnership to expand that momentum. He unveiled a manufacturing innovation institute in North Carolina, the first of three similar hubs he proposed in last year’s State of the Union address. Though factory jobs are being added, economists say it’s highly unlikely that manufacturing can become a significant source of future employment.

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How Virtual Currency Could Make It Easier To Move Money

It isn’t just Bitcoin. You can now choose from more than 70 virtual currencies, and people are using them partly because it could be a free way of transferring money online. Given more time and widespread use, that could change the playing field for companies like Western Union and banks.

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Extending Jobless Benefits Likely Delayed Again

Senators couldn’t reach agreement Tuesday on a way to restore benefits for 1.3 million people who have been out of work for extended periods. With the Senate planning to go on a recess next week, it’s looking like any action will be put off.

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Long-Term Unemployed Say N.C. Law Is Unfair

President Obama heads to Raleigh, N.C., and is expected to call on Congress to try again to extend federal unemployment benefits. Republicans blocked a Senate bill that would have restored the benefits that ended last month for 1.3 million Americans. In North Carolina, a state law has prevented people from getting the benefits since July 1.

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Court: FCC Can’t Enforce Net Neutrality

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has struck down a provision of the Federal Communications Commission’s “Open Internet Rules.” That provision allowed the FCC to regulate Internet service providers in much the same way it regulates phone service providers — requiring them to provide unrestricted service to all users.

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Minn. Orchestra And Union Musicians End Extensive Lockout

The Minnesota Orchestra hasn’t performed in its concert hall in Minneapolis in 488 days. The musicians and orchestra management have been locked in a bitter labor dispute. But on Tuesday, musicians agreed to a new contract ending the longest work stoppage for any symphony orchestra in U.S. history.

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Gamers Asked To Invest In ‘Broken Age’ Part 2

Gamemaker Tim Schafer revolutionized how to fund creative projects in his industry. He used funds from a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for an Internet game, bypassing corporate backing. His success influenced other gamers. And on Tuesday, the people who helped fund his project got to point-and-click their way through his new adventure.

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Soon To Be Big In Japan, Jim Beam’s Roots To Stay In Kentucky

In a deal worth some $16 billion, the Japanese beverage giant Suntory is buying Beam, the maker of Jim Beam bourbon and the owner of well-known American brands such as Maker’s Mark. Industry leaders say it’s a reflection of bourbon’s exploding popularity in Asian markets, but some are wondering if the new owners will preserve bourbon’s Kentucky heritage.

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